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Friends Only.
Comment to be added.
I have the right not to like you.
Have a nice day.

PS. This journal used to be Synthetic Kitty Designs. I have now switched it to a personal journal therefore everyone who had added this journal as an icon journal please remove me from your friends list ASAP!
I shall add you now. & I LOVE that icon :)
wait.. what am I saying? *feels sleepy* I already have you added, from when it was your icon journal. :P
lol Crazy Zinzi! Spank you :)
Umm for the icon comment that is. The cheshire cat is my favourite character of all time. My layout is based off him.
i love the chesire cat, and well.. everything alice related. :)
my painting.. heh.
OMG! You painted that! It's gorgeous!! You're uber talented girly ;)
let's be friends :D eye heart krostan
< may i keep you as a friend chicka? >
Definitely! I shall add you back :)
< yay, thank you sugar :D >
I like you. Add me? <3
hey kristin,its patty,add this,and loathesome,they are both me,and get me a job!
Harper is going to add you now.