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EVERYBODY MUST GO TO HENRYS AND CHECK OUT MY FIRST PLACE PHOTO IN THE PROTRAITS SECTION! (On the right under "more" or something) *uber happiness*
Took me forever to find it, cause Im an idiot.
But, congradulations, thats a real honour, I love wining things.

Hey, I have proof I dont hate you.
I have a present for you, when ever I see you next.
lol Oh tabbai...If you say you don't hate me I believe you. Jack said you blocked me cause I was talking about Greg too much. o_O But I think that was right after we broke up...Which would make me upset and talking to everybody about it a lot. EWither way thanks for the compliment as well =D
Yeah, It was to much for me to handle, cause..
Well, Im a horrible person,

But yea,.. If you wanted, I could put you on my list again ?
It would be cool if we could talk again...But only if you really want to...then go ahead.